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I believe It’s our duty as human beings to love and respect each other as human beings but that’s nigh on impossible with some of the assholes in Britain, especially when they’re running this country.

Anyway read a detestable snobbish article by Tony Parsons saying how disgusting tattoos are and how you’re basically a filthy moron for having them or that you’re a peasant.

One thing I can’t stand is people without tattoos judging others with them for how they look and appear or been snobbish that tattoos are body art…which they are. Of course the age old argument people bring up is what you’re going to look like been old an wrinkly…..what because I’m expecting to be a 75 year old sex symbol anyway, can’t say I’m living my life just to be an old man anyway and besides I’d be more concerned with not been able to do anything I love anymore let alone going to the toilet without help.

Some tattoos are trashy yes but if you have a good idea, go to the right artist and get the placement right then they can look fucking amazing. This article also brought up the sexist attitude that somehow women with tattoos are automatically sluts or that they look worse on a girl than men,

Hate the snobbery and elitism that is ripe still on this planet. Get tattooed if you want, have sex with who you want, respect each other and play safe and Fuck Tony Parsons, the cunt used to right for NME which speaks for his strength of character.


The Lord of the Rings by Daniel Norris - @DanKNorris on Twitter


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Full Strawberry Moon, 100% of the Moon is Illuminated taken on June 12, 2014 with a Canon SX50 HS IMG_1548
Source: Ted_Roger_Karson

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